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A magnetic rudder holding system

Basic Hull Construction for Radio Controlled Ship Models by William J. Blackmore

A Naval  Gunfire Control System featuring the BASIC  STAMP comupter module by  Nico Ottevaere

A Turret Turning Mechanism by Geoff Dixon

Smoke Generators by Geoff Dixon

The first steps in building a ship model

Important information about working with fiberglass hulls

Installing a deck on your fiberglass hull

 Working with Catalyzed Putty (Evercoat)

Tips and Hints for working with Superglue

 Making propellers from scratch

Making the master pattern for casting a propeller by Jerry Leih

 Making and Installing propeller shafts

 A working 5" mount in 1/96 scale

Building a master pattern for a Baltimore Class Turret

Packing a large scale model for shipment by Paul Simpson

Making Realistic Vents by Duane Curtis

Making Ladders and Railings by Joe Hanacheck

Making Ring Eyes by Joe Hanacheck

Making and Installing Portholes by Joe Hanacheck

Making Depth Charge Racks from Scratch by Joe Hanacheck

Making Wire Rope Stanchions by Joe Hanacheck

Making Blast Bags for Gun Turrets by Duane Curtis

How to Convert a Transmitter Single dual-axis Joystick control toTwin-Throttle controls by J. Leih

From Hull to Lake: Turning your fiberglass hull into a working model by James Mousaw

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