Making Wire Rope Stanchions by Joe Hanacheck

Why make stanchions?  Because nobody sells 3 dimensional US navy stanchions.  Sometimes, you have to scratchbuild if you want an accurate part.

This tutorial starts off with a jig, made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, available at home centers), music wire and 14 gauge wire. Layout the spacings for the stantions;  in this case is 1 ft 3 inch apart.  Drill holes for the music wire then back up with spikes

Insert 1/32 stantion material

Then lace the small strand of copper wire around music wire and spikes as shown

Big globs of solder are unsightly, and a lot of work to file down.  The best way to avoid this is to cut small snipsof solder in advance.

Fluz the area and the solder will stick temporarily to the paste

Fire up the soldering iron and solder

Trim small wire then move over then make as many as you need

it's not as hard as it looks, bit it's like the old joke about the best way to get to Carnigie Hall; Practice, practice, practice

The end result.

Joe Hanacheck is the owner of West Coast Warships, a supplier of 1/48 scale Warship Hulls.

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