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Sample Photographs from SeaPhoto

These samples are to give you an idea of some of the camera angles I most commonly use.  Remember, these are low resolution scans of the orginal color photographs that you can order.

Shot from the Golden Gate Bridge, Part of a Mosaic, bow to stern, of  Perry Class Frigate
You can see the tremendous detail that these photographs have.

Shooting from the vantage of another, higher ship can often be very useful. This photo of a Perry Class Frigate was shot from an adjacent Guided Missile Cruiser.

Of course, for the ultimate in detail nothing beats getting onboard and photographing the ships meticulously.  SeaPhoto offers more of this kind of photography than any other service.

One often overlooked angle is shooting from the Pier itself.  This can be a great angle to establish the relationships of things on the ship with each other, and to give an overall view of the subject.

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