SeaPhoto: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SeaPhoto

Why isn't every photo illustrated?
How much do the photos cost?

What size are the photos?  Are they color?  Digital?
Why photo sets?  Can I buy single photos?
I need a larger photo - do you sell enlargements?
What are the legal terms of use?
There are so many sets to choose from, which is the best for my use?
What are the descriptive terms you use?
What do the naval acronyms mean?

Do you do custom work?
Do you license your work for books, magazines, television or other media?

Why isn't every photo illustrated?

I have found that an illustration has to been at least the size of a postage stamp to be useful. If I illustrated every set, not only would the time it takes to complete the catalog go off the scale, but the size would grow to the point that only a few could afford the final publication - it would be hundreds of pages. I realize that there are times when you would like a better preview of my photographs before ordering, so to accommodate that I have purchased a scanner and can electronically print the negative onto a piece of paper to give you a low resolution idea of the set. See the section on Preview Service for more details.  As time permitsI will be working to add more previews to the online catalog.

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How much do the photo's cost?

All 4 X 6" SeaPhoto prints are priced at .75 cents per picture, and are grouped in sets of between 1 and 37 photos. Most sets average around 18 to 24. I have calculated the price of each set to help with the ordering process.

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What size are the photos?  Are they color?  Digital?

Photos will be digitally delivered in a .jpg format that will be approximently  1200 x 1666 pixels.   They can be taken to a photo kiosk and printed out in full resolution at 4 X 6"

SeaPhoto photo CD's are made from original photos, or those that have been licensed for us by us, with the exception of the German Destroyer Photo CD, which was made from negatives originally taken by US Navy Photographers, and the USS Midway CD which contains some official photographs of that class..

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Why  Photo Sets?  Can I buy single photos?

Because of the large number of photographs offered by SeaPhoto (now well over 10,000 negatives, and climbing each year), and the fact that this is a one man operation, some method was needed to organize the pictures into manageable groups to reduce the time needed to process each order.

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Please email me if you have special needs.    Some of my digital photos can be sent in a very large file that can be printed at 16 X 20.   There is an extra charge for these scans.


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What are the Legal Terms of Use?

The contents of this website, and all SeaPhotos are by SeaPhoto Maritime Photography and Kurt Greiner. Purchase of a SeaPhoto set entitles you to look at them, use them in your research, or even make colorful paper airplanes with them. You may not, however, duplicate the photographs in any way, mechanical or electronic. You may not, without my written permission, use them in any publication, including, but not limited to Internet Web Sites. If you would like to illustrate a book or magazine article using a SeaPhoto, please send contact me for a fee schedule.

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There are so many sets to choose from, which is the best for me?

First, A quick primer on camera angles:

Note that the first angle mentioned is the main view. For example, a bow stbd will show more of the bow and less of the stbd side than a stbd bow.

Your First Photos:

In general, I would recommend those sets decribed as a mosaic bow to stern as your first choices.  These sets will give the overall look of the ship, and establish the relationship of different parts so you can place details in their proper context.

For modelers working in smaller scales (1/350 and smaller), I would recommend the overall views taken from the Golden Gate Bridge and other venues.   This is a great place to start for larger models too, supplementing with the onboard details as needed.

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Descriptive Terms used in this Website and the Catalog

Amidships - The Middle of the ship, usually from behind the bridge to the first open area at the stern
Bridge Front- Generally, shots around the bridge, and from bridge to deck
CV FD - Shots taken from an Aircraft Carrier flight deck - an excellent Vantage point to look down on other ships.
Fosc'l- Forecastle shots from here will often show the front of the bridge
Fwd. -   Forward
Mast  - Shots often showing all mast levels, and crossing structure
Mosaic  - A series of shots that can be joined to form a larger picture
OA - Overall
SS  - Superstructure
Upperworks  - Shots of superstructure above main deck.

Naval System Acronyms

ASROC- Anti Submarine box rocket launcher
CIWS- Close in anti-air system - gatling gun
ECM- Electronic Counter Measures
NIXIE- Towed noisemaker decoy
RAM- Rolling Airframe Missile - anti-air
RAST- Helicopter cable recovery system
SRBOC- Chaff launcher
TACAN- Tactical Communications Antennae
SATCOM- Satellite Communications Antennae
UNREP- Underway replenishment gear/hose
VLS- Vertical Launch System
VDS- Variable Depth Sonar

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Do you do custom work?

Yes, I will travel and take custom photographs of any maritime subjects in the United States.  Your cost will depend on the distance from my home base in Northern California, and the type of photography you wish.  There is a $ 300 minimum for this service.

Can I license your photos for my book, television show, movie or other purpose?

Yes, I have worked with magazine, book publishers and television shows in the past to use my images.  Rates vary, so contact me for a quote.  I can quote for single use, or for complete transfer of rights, depending on your needs.

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