Warship Models Underway / Fittings by John R. Hayes

Ship Fittings by John Haynes

Museum quality fittings for the discriminating modeler

John R. Haynes has built some world class models, prized by collectors and museums alike. These models utilize custom fittings mastered and produced by John.  Now you can use these same fittings in your models. In the US, they are available from Loyalhanna Dockyard, and the Floating Drydock. To see some examples of Mr. Haynes' ship models, please visit his model ship gallery on this website.

John's lists of over 700 parts covering USN and RN are available on-line by emailing John Haynes. He does take credit cards for those who wish to order direct.

1/96 Ship Fittings - click on the illustrations for a larger view

Part Number Description Illustration          
JRH73 Slatted Carley Float

(also JRH5)

Quad Bofor 40mm
JRH106 12" Signal Lamp - note, newly remastered, now can be posistioned
JRH108 20mm Oerlikon MK 4
JRH130 Hellcat
JRH137 Dauntless Dive Bomber
JRH139 Seahawk SC1 kit
JRH141 Kingfisher Scout
JRH158 Oxygen 3 + 2 Bottle Set
JRH159 Acetylene 2 + 2 Bottle Set
JRH173 Small Whistle
JRH174 Siren
JRH177 RDF Loop
JRH339 HE-114B (Used before AR-196 on German Warships)
JRH354 Devestator Kit
JRH355 Wildcat Kit
JRH481 Electric Boat Winch
JRH596 Small Draped Fire Hose
JRH597 Single 5" Gun Mount, USN
JRH601 20mm Ready Use Locker, Hollow Cast (one per package)
JRH603 RN Walrus kit
JRH616 3"/50 Ready Use Locker, Hollow Cast (one per package)
JRH632 Twin 40mm Bofor kit
JRH665 Rub on blue dots for portholes - no drilling required
JRH 667 Long vertical ladders - Long enough for just about any run
JRH668 Long Inclined ladders.
JRH669 USN 30 ft carval cutter in resin (For USS Missouri BB-11)
JRH670 USN 30 ft double-ended whaler/gig (For USS Missouri BB-11)
JRH676 Twin Oerlikon on Pedestal Mount
Portholes in 1/96 scale
40mm Gun Tub Photoetched Fret
Gun Sights (Also available in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/24 scales)
JRH683 F4U-1A Corsair
JRH702 Crane base for BB-43 and other US warships
JRH703 BB43 style crane to go with JRH 702 base
JRH707 Cruiser style Catapult (comes unpainted and unassembled)
JRH711 DD Torpedo Director
JRH 712 Captain's Chair for Gearing class destroyer (and many others)
JRH713 USN Depthcharge Impulse locker
JRH714 USN Depthcharge release handle
JRH715 DD Torpedo crane set
JRH716 USN Gangway Watch Desk
JRH717 USN voice tube
JRH718 Smoke Generator Nozzel
JRH719 Escape Scuttle
JRH720 Funnel set for a Fletcher/Sumner/Gearing Destroyer. Comes in two resin pieces with w/m louvres
JRH721 Smoke Generator
JRH722 40mm Spare Barrel Locker
JRH723 DD siren and whistle set
JRH724 USN Depth Charge Storage Rack
JRH725 USN Depth Charge Rails
JRH727 USN SC Radar
JRH728   Hedgehog kit Mk10 (Comes unassembled)
JRH729 Dark blue anti-slip deck tread rub-downs
JRH730 USN 1/96 Open Door and Frame
JRH731 USN 1/96 Floatanet insert
JRH732 USN 1/96 CV Capstan and wheel
JRH733 USN 1/96 CV Wildcat and brake
JRH734 USN 1/96 CV 20" Bitt
JRH735 USN 1/96 Coiled hose
JRH736 USN 1/96 Pair of CV chain pipes
JRH737 US Interdeck Vertical Ladders
JRH738 36" Reel
JRH739 Shore Connection Reel
JRH740 Single Fender
JRH742 Refueling Trunk
JRH743 Bulwark / Flood Lamp
JRH744 Long vertical ladders for round rungs with attached assembly guide . Fixing stubs and ladder lengths can be cut to suit any height . Max length 3.73" ---3 fixing stubs long equal standard deckhead height
JRH745 Deck Electrical Panel
JRH748 Photoetched Open Doors
JRH767 Fo'castle Capstan, brake and control pedestal set for DD/DE
JRH768 Damage control Axe
JRH777 Mk 52 Director - used late and post war
JRH778 Twin Royal Navy 4.7" mounting
JRH779 Single Ball Stanchions
JRH780 3"/50 Gun kit, 1/48th Scale
JRH788 Three styles of RN stanchions at 1/192
JRH792 1/48 combined RN three pattern stanchion
JRH796 40' Motor Launch
JRH798 40' Motor Boatm Carried on larger ships
JRH800 Carley Float
JRH801 Range Finder for Destroyer Escorts
JRH802 3 Bay Vegetable Locker
JRH803 4 Bay Vegetable Locker
JRH804   Stern chock for Destroyer Escorts
JRH805   Bow chock for Destroyer Escorts
JRH806 Towing Hook for Destroyer Escorts
JRH807 Bulkhead Davit for Destroyer Escorts
JRH808 DE deckedge davit socket
JRH809 Oil Hose Set of three, with brackets
JRH810 Trash Can
JRH811 Navigation Light Set for DE/DD
JRH812 Bell and Bracket for DE/DD
JRH813 3"/50 practice loader kit at 1/96
JRH814 1/96 hand- held fire extinguisher for bulkhead mounting
JRH816 1/96 bridge gratings and anti-slip combined [ 100mm x 90mm each section ]
JRH817 Mk 22 Radar, 1/96
JRH818 SA Radar, 1/96
JRH819 1/96 selection of grilles for BB's down to DE's [ largest grille is 20mm x 20mm , smallest is 4mm x 4mm ]
JRH825 Vertical 3"/50 Ready Use locker at 1/96
JRH829 Royal Navy 8 barrel 12 pounder mk V111 on a mk V mounting dated 1938
JRH846 1/48 US Oerlikon kit
JRH876 RN Aircraft crane kit
5" /38 US Interwar destroyer gun mount kit
JRH880A Mk 33 Director kit for Farragut /Mahan/Porter class destroyers (7 parts)

Other scales

PT Boat Weapons in 1/24 scale

New!  The PT Kit is ready.  For more information about this 1/24 scale, 40'' long Elco kit, please see the PT Boat Page.

37mm Gun for PT Boats

20mm Gun

Twin .50 caliber brownings and tub

These are just a few parts in an ongoing series for a 1/24 PT Boat.   Here is an overall view of the project

1/192 scale

Ship's Boats

Shown are an Admirals Barge (L) and an armed steamed pinnace (R)

40mm gun tub photoetch

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